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Supplier and distributor of Sunsource Tanning Beds. New and Used Tanning Beds. Tanning Bed Replacement Parts, and much more at wholesale prices!

SunSource Tanning Bed - Tanning Equipment

The SunSource tanning equipment is commercial grade ALL METAL tanning beds that are used in a professional tanning environment. These Tanning Beds are constructed using heavy gauge all metal components making them extremely durable. They come with a built-in T-Max timer allowing them to be controlled from your front desk, integrated in a salon timer system or as a stand alone unit. They have a tooless acrylic system allowing easy removal for lamp changes and cleaning.

Our most popular Tanning Beds:

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Made Proudly in the USA! - All U.S. steel construction.

SunSource Tanning beds are made to withstand day-to-day salon use and will provide years of service and excellent resale value should you elect to upgrade your Tanning Bed in the future.

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Buyer Beware!

So often people are sucked into purchasing tanning beds based on fabulous photographs, impressive descriptions and low prices only to discover that the beds are plastic and very cheaply made. So ask, and don’t be fooled by “steel frame” or “this is the same material used in the space shuttle” it’s PLASTIC!

Tanning Bed Skirt Light!

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