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Electrical Requirements:

Basically a tanning bed is a large lamp fixture that requires electricity just like other lights. When purchasing a tanning bed for your home it is important to determine how you will power it.


120 Volt vs. 220 Volt
Most houses are wired with 120 Volt, 15Amp outlets and the typical tanning bed is 220 Volts, much like an electric dryer. It is very important to determine and provide the proper power for your home tanning bed.


How a tanning bed will effect your home electric bill
A tanning bed may be compared to a large appliance with regards to power requirements, however it will not run as long nor as often as other appliances. The actual impact to your electric bill is quite minimal. Please see the figures below: 

SunSource 3000XP uses 14Amps on a 220VAC circuit
14A x 220V = 3080 Watts
3080W ÷ 1000 = 3.08 Kilowatts
The national average cost per Kilowatt Hour is around 8¢
3.08 Kilowatts × ¼ hour (15 minute session) = .77 Kilowatt hours
8¢ per KH × .77 KH = 6¢ per session


Dedicated circuit
Your typical household electrical outlets are connected together an a “daisy chain” fashion meaning they are connected together one after the other. One circuit in your breaker box will be connected to numerous outlets. This is because you will never have all the outlets being used at the same time. A tanning bed will require the majority of the power supplied by that circuit therefore will require its own circuit. This means, its own or “dedicated” circuit is run from the circuit breaker directly to the tanning bed outlet with nothing else connected in the line. This is important to avoid overloading the electrical circuits.


Certified Electrician
The fact the most houses are not wired with a dedicated circuit and the only 220V circuit powers the dryer it is necessary that a dedicated circuit be added. This will require you to hire a certified electrician to install the correct outlet and wire as specified for your tanning bed. Below is a table that shows exactly what type of power each SunSource tanning bed requires.


Buck-boost Transformers
The distance voltage travels from it’s source can cause it to drop before it reached the tanning bed. It is important to get an accurate voltage reading at the bed. Typically tanning beds perform best with voltage between 220V and 240V. For that reason you must get an accurate voltage reading where the tanning bed will be placed. Hence the name a Buck-boost can either lower (buck) or raise (boost) the voltage to compensate for these fluctuations. Although higher voltage results in more tanning power, it is important to keep the voltage below 240V for proper operation of the tanning bed. Once you have determined your voltage reading, please contact Phoenix Sun Tanning to choose the correct Buck-Booster if required.


Some of the larger tanning beds, namely the VHR and STS series, require a direct connection to the power source. No plug is supplied for these beds. An electrician must wire them into a junction box or buck-booster in the room with the tanning bed. 

Tanning Bed Voltage Outlet
3000XP 220VAC, 20A NEMA #6-20R
4000XP 235VAC, 20A NEMA #6-20R
4000XP 1F 235VAC, 30A NEMA #6-30R
4000XP 2F 235VAC, 30A NEMA #6-30R
5000XP 235VAC, 30A NEMA #6-30R
5000XP 1F 235VAC, 30A NEMA #6-30R
5000XP 2F 235VAC, 30A NEMA #6-30R
6000VHR 235VAC, 30A NEMA #6-30R
6000VHR 1F 235VAC, 40A Hardwire
6000VHR 2F 235VAC, 40A Hardwire
8000STS 235VAC, 60A Hardwire
9000STS 235VAC, 70A Hardwire
9000STSXL 235VAC, 70A Hardwire
NEMA #5-15R
NEMA #5-20R
NEMA #6-20R
NEMA #6-30R



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